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Before you leave ...

* If you are buying a package or tour, consider purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance--but first check to see whether it is a benefit of the credit card you carry.

* Find out whether the country you are visiting requires that you provide an "International Certificate of Vaccinations" against cholera, yellow fever, and other infectious diseases before you are allowed to enter. If you carry a major credit card, check to see whether it provides Travel Assistance Services, which furnish this type of information--and more.

* Make several copies of your passport, credit cards, itinerary, airline tickets, and other travel documents. Leave one copy with a relative or friend back home and carry one copy with you.

* If you carry a credit or debit card, you also may not need to purchase Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance before you travel. For example, the MasterTravel[TM] benefit on many MasterCard[R] cards provides cardholders, spouses, and children under age 23 with coverage when traveling by land, air, or sea on a licensed common carrier.

* Before paying for insurance on a rental vehicle, always check first to see if you are covered by a collision/damage waiver benefit on your credit or debit card.

While you are away ...

* Whenever possible, pay with a major credit or debit card so that you can cancel payment or get reimbursed if there's a problem, provided you can show documentation.

* If you are planning to shop in the United States, remember that MasterDelivery[TM], an exclusive benefit of your MasterCard[R] card, is the most efficient method of sending merchandise from the USA to Latin American. With MasterDelivery, you are provided with a physical postal address in Miami at which your packages will be signed for and received--and then sent on to your own mailing address in Latin America. You can track your order on...

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