Massive IPTV Pirate Pay-TV Platform Shot Down in Europe by Italian Police.

The Xtream Codes, a widely available IPTV platform that was illegally broadcasting pay-TV channels in Europe, was recently seized, resulting in some 700,000 online users being blocked from viewing it.

The measure was part of a larger operation that took place last month throughout Europe against the largest organization responsible for the widespread illegal Internet broadcast of pay-TV channels.

Xtream Codes is registered as a company in Bulgaria, has a local VAT number, and lists an address in Petrich, a town south of Sofia, on the border with Greece, as its office. According to its now-disappeared website, it was founded by two students. Italian police said that 25 "managers" have been identified.

About five million users were involved in Italy alone, with a business volume estimated at over two million euro per month.

The investigation engaged more than 100 officers of Italy's Special Unit for the Protection of Privacy and Technological Frauds of the Guardia di Finanza (GdF), a law enforcement agency under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance.

The operation was coordinated internationally with Europol and European Agencies Eurojust, and had the full cooperation of authorities from France, the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Operating as Xtream-codes. com, the company behind the software system offered a...

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