SIC 1741 Masonry, Stone Setting, and Other Stone Work


SIC 1741

This category covers special trade contractors primarily engaged in masonry work, stone setting, and other stone work. Special trade contractors primarily engaged in concrete work are classified in SIC 1771: Concrete Work; those engaged in digging foundations are classified in SIC 1794: Excavation Work; and those engaged in the construction of streets, highways, and alleys are classified in SIC 1611: Highway and Street Construction, Except Elevated Highways.



Masonry and Stone Contractors


The masonry, stone setting, and other stone work industry includes the laying of cement blocks and bricks, chimney construction, and stone and marble work, both utilitarian and decorative. While some contractors use techniques in existence for centuries, others rely on the latest advances in method and machinery. For example, buildings of rough stone or brick remain dependent on construction techniques developed thousands of years ago, while the cutting and polishing of stone was accomplished in the early 2000s with highly accurate and sometimes electronically controlled machinery.

As a business, masonry remained a relatively small part of the construction specialty trades group. Masonry contractors often worked as subcontractors to general contractors on construction projects, but some also worked for the facility owners on repair and maintenance jobs, or on projects such as the installation of a new marble floor in an old building.


Masonry contracting establishments are considered offices managing work at one or more constructions sites. While some of the larger masonry contractors serve customers from several offices over a wide territory, most firms are relatively small, privately or family-owned businesses serving local customers. Most masonry work is performed by specialists, with only about 6percent contracted to firms primarily engaged in other construction specialties. Furthermore, some masonry specialists limit the scope of their business to specific materials such as brick, cement blocks, or stone. One of the largest masonry firms, The Western Group, works primarily in restoration and renovation projects.

Masonry contract work is done on a variety of structures. According to the latest figures available from the U.S. Census Bureau, the industry is broken down by revenue as follows: single-family houses (26.0 percent), office buildings (12.5 percent), stores, restaurants, and gas stations (12.5 percent), industrial buildings (8.7 percent), schools (6.2 percent), apartment buildings (5.7 percent), houses (5.4 percent), hospitals (3.9 percent), other institutions (3.6 percent), warehouses (3.5 percent), heavy industrial facilities (2.2...

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