Martin, Nora. A perfect snow.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

MARTIN, Nora. A perfect snow. Bloomsbury. 144p. c2002. 1-58234-925-8. $6.95. JS

Benjamin Campbell is 17 years old; his brother David is 16. By his own admission, Ben has always looked out for David, and we meet this big brother as he stands up to the "rich kid" in the high school hallway who has gotten into a fight with David. Martin's novel is set in Lodgette, Montana, the new home of the Campbells and also of a white supremist group holding small weekly meetings with a charismatic leader.

Ben's anger and indignation at his family's situation lead him to connect with two followers of Lonn Monroe, the supremist leader. But while doing some "work" for Lonn, Ben comes to a realization about the people he is tormenting and the reasons he fights to protect his brother. David becomes involved and in a new position of power, he becomes a supremist thug. The story follows Ben through his anger, his realization...

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