Marlow, Susan K. Andrea Carter and the long ride home.

Author:Green, Heidi Hauser
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

MARLOW, Susan K. Andrea Carter and the long ride home. (Circle C Adventures.) Kregel. 128p. c2005.0-8254-3188-3. $7.99. J

Living on her family's horse ranch in 1880s California, 12-year-old Andrea "Andi" Carter manages to get herself into one jam after another. She wants to be more involved in working on the ranch; she doesn't want to be mucking out stalls, but to be riding her horse--and other horses--as often as she can. However, after a particularly dangerous incident with a new stallion, it doesn't seem too likely she'll get that level of freedom. Wondering if her family would be better off without her, Andi runs away. She is knocked down and her horse is stolen that very night. Although she wants to return home, she feels that doing so without her horse would only prove her family's worst beliefs about her, so she vows to find her beloved Taffy before going back to...

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