Marley, Louise. Singer in the snow.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

MARLEY, Louise. Singer in the snow. Penguin, Viking. 306p. c2005. 0-670-05965-X. $16.99. JS*

Marley has written several books already about the world of Nevya, but this is the first I have read. Her story of the singers who are so essential to survival on this ice world completely captivated me, so I'm sure this story could stand on its own for others too. Of course, it's so intriguing, it will encourage us to find the other books about the Singers of Nevya: Sing the Light; Sing the Warmth; Receive the Gift. In this ice-bound world, music has evolved to alter the air and create warmth. Little children who have the gift are separated from their families and spend long years in training at the Conservatory, learning the music and learning to use their psi to generate heat. When they are ready, they are sent to outposts where they are healers, and where they create the energy for heat. Marley then puts dramatic events and intriguing characters into the setting. A young girl, Emle, who is a gifted singer but for some reason lacks the ability to focus her psi to create heat, is sent to an outpost as a companion to another Cantor. There Emle becomes involved...

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