MARKETING RESOURCES YOUR FRANCHISE WILL USE: How to make your franchise the total package..

Author:Krohn, Rob

The support a franchisor provides is huge. It's one of the biggest reasons many franchisees turn to franchising instead of starting their own business from scratch. If you are going to provide marketing support for your franchisees, and you should, it's important to make sure franchisees actually use the materials you create. To provide the best marketing support, create content that covers the right topics and incorporates franchisee feedback.

Creating the right marketing materials

Professional marketing collateral is a valuable tool that many franchisees can't create on their own. High quality content is a great way to attract customers, and smaller content pieces can help reengage with customers. A blog, social media sites, emails, videos, white papers or case studies can help franchisees reach their customers.

Different types of franchises will find value in different types of content. For example, a restaurant should use a variety of social media sites to engage with customers. Meanwhile, business-to-business concepts are more likely to need more robust content like ebooks, white papers and case studies.

Writing about the right topics and offering the right promotions is also crucial to success with marketing collateral. Think about your franchisees' end customer and their preferences. You may need to provide different topics or promotion options for franchisees in different parts of the country. Different regions have unique preferences, and your marketing materials should allow franchisees to customize to those preferences.

Don't be afraid to incorporate new technologies into your content strategy. Videos can be a great way to communicate, and in some industries, you may even be able to take advantage of tools like 3D cameras. For example, Epcon creates 3D virtual tours of our floorplans for franchise builders. These tours would be cost prohibitive for franchise builders to create on their own, but they can be a great tool in pre-selling homes. Staying up-to-date on the latest technology trends ensures you don't fall behind and that you're reaching customers in new and interesting ways.

Producing Professional Marketing Materials

Your website is your most important marketing tool. All other types of content and methods of pushing out content should lead back to it. Whether you have one website for your entire brand or offer franchisee-specific mini sites, you should make sure they are robust sales tools for franchisees. This should be...

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