Marketing on a budget.

Author:Lovio-George, Christina

In an uncertain economic environment, marketing is more essential than ever. Here are some tips to accelerate your marketing strategies on

a limited budget with a small staff:

  1. Assemble the right team--Hire a marketing coordinator for day-to-day activities. Dedicate at least one member of your staff to supplement this person with a cross-functional team comprised of the inside point person plus representatives from related disciplines. Look at the areas of your company that will be thrust into the spotlight. Select a contact person in each of those critical areas and train them to field an increase in inquiries.

  2. Define the strategy to strengthen the brand--No matter how tight your budget, the heart of all marketing campaigns is the need to develop a strategy that answers how your product or service benefits the prospect. Your approach doesn't have to involve costly outside research. Try this two-pronged approach: 1) talk to a handful of your customers through personal interviews; 2) talk to prospects and ask them a variation of the same survey you used with your customers.

  3. Focus on high-impact tactics--The guiding principle with limited dollars is to focus on your best potential customers and forget the rest...

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