MARKETING GIANTS: Three marketing experts share insights on producing strategies, content and the perfect approach for brands that focus on diversity and multiculturalism.


What do you consider to be the most important aspects to have a successful campaign targeting Latinos?

NATALIE BODEN: 2018 is the year of the Hispanic market. It's the year of embracing diversity, not as a nice to have, but as a business imperative. As brands look for growth, developing a highly targeted Hispanic communications plan will be key.

We talk about the importance of writing love letters to our community. No one wants to receive a love letter that reads 'to whom it may concern' you want it written to you as an individual, as a community.

We recently launched McDonald's [??]Siganme los Buenos! (Good guys, follow my lead!) campaign, aimed to evoke a nostalgic connection with the Hispanic consumer and drive purchase of the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu items. Grounded in the insight that Hispanics look for clever ways to find great value without compromising quality, we partnered with one of the most beloved--and clever--Hispanic icons, El Chapulin Colorado, to drum up excitement for the new Dollar Menu. The program included social/digital, grassroots initiatives and media stakeholder engagement, which drove over 100 million media impressions and a lift in comp guest count.

El Chapulin Colorado, also known as our very own Latino Mickey Mouse, was born in Latin America and he was brought to the the U.S. in our hearts. McDonald's partnership with the iconic character for the launch of the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu is a love letter to our community: it shows McDonald's understands the rational and emotional drivers of our U.S. Hispanic consumer.

JOSE SUASTE: To me the most important thing that a campaign targeting Latinos has to have to be successful is human truth. Too many times campaigns think that by simply speaking the language, they're going to get the response they're looking for. When in reality, language is just a tactic, and not an idea. Language may get you in the door, but if you don't have substance and real truth, you won't stay long. And what I mean by human truth is something that everyone can relate to; something that a person can look at it and connect emotionally to. Where it gets tricky for targeting Latinos, is that that something can't just be stereotypical or broad. And that's the second most important thing to keep in mind when targeting Latinos with advertising. Stay away from stereotypes. Sure they exist for a reason, but the Latino population is incredibly diverse. Think about it. You can be a mom and love your family, but you could also be a working mom, who happens to own her own business and work in a field predominately operated by men. It's this dimension that makes her way more than just a Latino mom.

PETE LERMA First of all, disregarding cultural stereotypes. Campaigns targeting Latinos do not have to be "Latino campaigns" full of mojitos, pinatas and tacos. Campaigns targeting Latinos have to connect with their audiences, but in 2018 relevance is all about connecting with a...

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