Marketing and branding at the 2014: TLMI Annual Meeting.

Author:Katz, Steve

Both converter and supplier members of TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute) gathered at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Hotel in Dana Point, CA, USA October 12-15, for the 2014 TLMI Annual Meeting. The theme of this year's meeting was "Growing Your Revenue with Powerful Marketing and Branding," and over two days, attendees were presented with strategies and tactics from marketing experts.

Opening the meeting on Monday, October 13, was Alex Goldfayn, market strategist and executive coach. His firm Evangelist Marketing Institute has a client list including the likes of Amazon, Sprint, Logitech and T-Mobile, and he helps his clients with all aspects of marketing their products and services. Goldfayn's presentation was titled "Marketing for Revenue Growth: Simple, No-Cost Techniques to Grow Your Company," where he led attendees through product ideation, and developing an aggressive mindset steeped in action.

Addressing the converters in the room, Goldfayn said, "You're busy. But are you busy being proactive or reactive? Most of you are reactive at work, putting our fires," he said. "Revenue growth is proactive."

Goldfayn debunked what he said are common revenue myths--the thinking that revenue growth is time-consuming, difficult and costly. He contradicted a well-known adage, suggesting, "It doesn't take money to make money."

"If growth is the goal, marketing is the simplest, fastest, most effective way to do it," Goldfayn said.

Among the no-cost strategies at a company's disposal, Goldfayn keyed in on the power of customer testimonials and presented quick and easy ways to obtain them. "There is nothing you can say that is more powerful and relevant than what your customers are saying about you," he said. Using a volunteer from the audience--Brian Gale of I.D. Images Goldfayn demonstrated how a 5-10 minute conversation can result in a customer testimonial that creates an emotional impact on current and prospective clients.

Once you have the testimonials, the next step is to communicate them. Here, he said, is a case where quantity trumps quality. "Nothing should leave your office without a testimonial on it," Goldfayn said. "Marketing is all about increasing awareness percentage. If they don't know about it, they can't buy it."

To open Tuesday's session, Rick Barrera, a marketing consultant and the author of Overpromise and Overdeliver: The Secrets to Unshakeable Customer Loyalty, asked the audience, "What is a brand?"

He gave his...

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