Mark Robinson: A lifetime of healthcare expertise.

Author:Steinbrech, Amy
Position:Around Utah: Spotlight

Mark Robinson has only been in his role as CEO at St. Mark's Hospital since February 12, but he does not feel like a rookie. That's because he has worked for Hospital Corporation of America (St. Mark's Hospital's parent company) his entire 20-year career.

After his administrative residency, Robinson worked in several hospitals, climbing the career ladder and paying his dues. "I honed my skills as an administrator, and I wouldn't trade my career experiences for anything. I've worked in five other hospitals for some great people and taken away bits and pieces that have helped mold me into the CEO I am now," Robinson says.

Before accepting his new position, Robinson visited Salt Lake and was impressed by what he saw. "I saw a growing community with a rich healthcare environment and people who really care about the place they live," Robinson recalls. "It quickly became more than an idea to move, to 'this is where I want to call home.'"

Robinson looks forward to leading St. Mark's as it continues being a solid healthcare supporter for the community. "As Utah's first hospital, I look forward to studying St. Mark's rich history. I firmly believe I need to understand where we've been in order to help guide where we're going," he says.

He realizes patients have plenty of choices when selecting a healthcare provider and views it as his and his staff's obligation to give the best, most up-to-date and compassionate care possible. To remain competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape, St. Mark's Hospital has several projects on the docket. Recently approved is a $25 million project to expand its orthopedic and neurology services. The patients deserve the best care available, after all, he says.

"It's not just an eight-to-five, five days a week business. It's a 247, 365 days a year mentality," Robinson says. "We are renovating an entire wing to...

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