Mark Andy gains Esko Full HD Flexo Certification.

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Mark Andy is now the first flexo press manufacturer to adopt and receive Esko Full HD Flexo Certification. The Mark Andy Performance Series became the first HD certified flexo press line in 2011.

Certification is awarded after Esko specialists check the quality of several print samples against published Full HD Flexo parameters. The Full HD Certified quality seal enables Mark Andy equipment to produce consistent, high-quality print jobs with sharper images, bright impactful solids, and a wider color gamut.

"Mark Andy is very proud to be the first fully certified Full HD Flexo manufacturer," says Kevin Wilken, president and CEO of Mark Andy Inc. "We have worked very hard to ensure our customers can rely on us to remain current when it conies to all aspects of the flexo printing workflow. It is important for us to be up-to-date in the latest prepress and platemaking technologies."

In addition to the global press manufacturer, the Mark Andy Print Products division is...

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