MARISOL ARGUETA: MOVING AHEAD ON TRADE INTEGRATION, adopting technology, and improving productivity.

Author:Ramirez, David

The 2018 edition of the Latin American World Economic Forum will take place in Sao Paulo in March. Latin Trade interviewed Marisol Argueta, the WEF's Latin America director, about the expected results of the meeting.

What are the main issues on the agenda of the WEF-Latin America meeting?

Eight countries in the region will hold presidential elections in the next few months, and this fuels expectations. But, the elections are also a great opportunity to create a new narrative that--far from ideological divisions--paves the way for a vision of the future guided by responsible leadership and the creation of value for the long term. Economic growth is recovering modestly in the region which calls for making better use of its wealth in human and natural resources, advancing in integration, opening up to technology and innovation, improving productivity, and promoting inclusion. Youth and entrepreneurs who are leading the change toward a future with a more highly skilled and digitally literate population will also provide their vision for Latin America.

Why was Brazil chosen as the site of the Forum?

Brazil is the largest economy in the region, and the ninth largest in the world, and so the country plays a crucial role in the economic performance and sustainable development of Latin America. It is hoped that the recently adopted reforms will produce significant results, allowing the country to make a better fit into the global economy. In addition, the mega-city of Sao Paulo is an important financial center and a hub for...

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