Maria Castanon Moats: dreaming big to succeed.

Author:Olguin, Kimberly

Standing atop a corporation among the frontrunners in her field, Maria Castanon Moats vividly recalls the dreams that led her to her destiny. To this day, her mother's words of wisdom echo in her mind; "It doesn't cost us anything to dream, so let's dream big," her mother often insisted. These few words of encouragement would go a long way for the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) executive.

It has been 27 years since Moats began her career at PwC, In her hometown of El Paso, Texas. She has held a number of positions and worked In offices throughout the country. Along the way, her proficiency grew in several areas, including business strategy, quality and regulatory relations, innovation, risk management, business development and human capital. Moats' career thrived with the abundance of opportunity.

The extent of her occupations reached out beyond various industries, where she continuously challenged herself to explore the unknown.

"I've served a variety of clients, from those in apparel, grocery and electronics retailers, to global and local manufacturers; and I've learned from each one," she says.

Direction was essential to guide her desire to succeed through the new endeavors. Mentorship also plays a major role In the triumphs of Moat's career at PwC.

"There's no shortage of leaders who make it their business to help our people grow and learn," she says. "I learn something new every day, whether that's a technical skill, industry trend or in my personal growth."

This influence has permitted Moats to blossom In the company, and she's a firm believer that others can attain their goals with the same approach.

In due time, she was given the opportunity to guide her...

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