Malone, Patricia. Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

MALONE, Patricia. Lady Ilena way of the warrior. Random House, Delacorte. 199p. c2005. 0-385-73225-2. $15.95. J

This is a sequel to The Legend of Lady Ilena, but stands firmly on its own. The setting is the Dark Ages (6th century AD) in Britain, when King Arthur and his knights are trying to make peace among the tribes at war with one another and defend Britain from foreign invaders. In the north, the tribes are ruled by female chiefs, and Ilena is named chief of her tribe at the beginning of this story. However, she is tricked into a treasonous act and sent into exile; the only way she can return home is if she...

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