Malkin, Nina. 6x: The Uncensored Confessions.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

MALKIN, Nina. 6X; the uncensored confessions. Scholastic. 278p. c2005. 0-439-72421-X. $8.99. S

Set up like a video diary, this tares the reader behind the scenes with 6X, a hot new pop/rock band breaking onto the scene. 6X is the creation of an entertainment lawyer who takes four unknowns and rockets them to stardom. The three girls and one boy are unofficially known as the body, the boss, the voice, and the boy. They take turns narrating each chapter (or segment of the DVD, as we're to believe), catching their fans up to speed on how they came together, learned their craft, got their first record deal, and so forth. Initially the ever-changing perspective feels confusing, but each character has a distinct enough voice to pull it off. The book has no real plot, but doesn't particularly need one. The band members make it clear that life as a rock star isn't all glamour. There are long hours, hard work, egos...

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