MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Morgan Stanley's Marta Decatrel Celebrates HITEC 100 List Honor.


Formany women, the technology industry is an intimidating career to jump into, but for Marta Decatrel, it empowers her. From the very beginning, she knew this was something she wanted to do, and became the first woman in her family to pursue a position in STEM. Decatrel has been advocating women in technology since she could remember. In an industry where the ratio from men to women still isn't where she wants it to be, her willingness and passion for developing interest of technology in not only Latinas, but all women, has brought her many opportunities and success for over 25 years.

Today, she celebrates making the HITEC 100 list, and being one of the top 100 Latinos in the country in the technology industry. She tells us that she attended HITEC's Silicon Valley Leadership Summit this past fall, and one of the things that really struck her was the number of women that were in attendance. "It was such an honor to be surrounded by so many successful Latinas-women who exemplify the tremendous impact we're making in Technology" she says. Decatrel says she owes much of her own success to Morgan Stanley, the leading global investment firm she has been with for 21 years.

Decatrel serves as Executive Director of Technology at Morgan Stanley, an American multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York, New York. When asked how Morgan Stanley has helped her excel in her career, she said, "At Morgan Stanley, diversity is part of our core fabric. We understand that to be a global leader and organization that continually strives for excellence our corporate culture must be open and inclusive. This not only helps us serve our clients better, but it helps our employees, such as myself, achieve their professional objectives. Morgan Stanley has created, and continues to build a culture of inclusion evidenced through our constant focus on recruiting, developing and advancing individuals based on their skills and talent." The firm has helped Decatrel reinvent her career.

In her current role as Executive Director, Decatrel embraces a diverse leadership style. She has been part of Morgan Stanley's WIT (Women in Technology) organization for several years. The program has been crucial to helping women in tech at Morgan Stanley find role models, mentors and overall a support network to develop a personal development and career progression. It is also an organization that plays a big role in helping young girls and women...

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