Making College Right.

Position:The Education Shelf - Brief article - Book review

William Casement

National Association of Scholars

8 West 38th Street

New York, NY 10018

9780615626925 $18.00

Former philosophy professor and successful businessman William Casement presents Making College Right: Heretical Thoughts & Practical Proposals, a sharp critique of America's current higher education system. It's well known that the current college system suffers from skyrocketing costs, and that it's all too easy for students to secure a degree that leaves them in debt and fails to translate into a career. What can and should be changed? Casement scrutinizes high school advanced placement courses, the excessive obsession with college sports, the pitfalls of the "smorgasbord" liberal arts curriculum that can fail to impart cultural literacy, and the refusal of movers and shakers such as the National Collegiate Athletic Associations or the College Board to make drastically...

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