MakeITDeals has debuted its platform in the US, UK, Europe, Israel and other Asian countries to start registering Customers (Technology Buyers) and Partners (technology providers).

MakeITDeals will make the Products, Solutions and other Technology Offerings from leading technology providers in these countries available to the customers across the world to help them in their business growth and in solving their business issues.

MakeITDeals is a global Marketplace for Technology Buyers and Sellers. Its database, organized by Industry, Business Segment and other key selection criteria, enables the buyers to assess what technology solutions are available and then reach the right solution providers meeting their business needs in the area of hardware, business software products and solutions, technology products and solutions and other related services. MakeITDeals also provides an automated platform to manage the procurement process once the buyer has selected a set of vendors with solutions meeting his business needs. Optionally, once the deal is consummated, MakeITDeals can also program manage the engagement to ensure successful delivery. Other value added services from MakeITDeals include a collaboration platform for technology buyers and sellers, rich analytics on past buying experience, etc.

Arup Gupta, Chairman of MakeITDeals, says, In today's vast and rapidly growing technology environment, the biggest challenge we have is that we do not know about availability of products and solutions from technology solutions providers across the world that...

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