Make it fit.

Author:John, Jeff

Recently, I needed to wrangle the Lyman 48S sight on my '03A1, but the adjustment screws were too dinky for anything in my Brownells Magna-Tip Super set of bits. Brownells makes the Magna-Tip Thin Bit set for the extra thin-slot screws occasionally found on guns and, while I found the right bit, it was too wide, so I ground it to the right width.

The other problem arises when none of the bits will fit a given slot perfectly. Brownells also makes a grinding wheel to modify those bits as necessary. The outside diameter of the wheel fits the hollow-ground angle of the Brownells Magna-Tip bits perfectly.

I've (shamefully) boogered my share of gun metal with ill-fitting turnscrews, but I've finally found the patience to do things right and now...

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