Magazine Nets Three Defense Media Awards.

Position:NDIA News - Awards list

* Three National Defense journalists are among the winners of the 2018 Defense Media Awards, earning NDIA's publication the most awards at the event.

Honored for their work are Senior Editor Yasmin Tadjdeh for best cybersecurity submission, Managing Editor Jon Harper for best naval systems submission, and former Staff Writer Vivienne Machi for best military aviation submission.

The magazine had earned seven award nominations in total. Other nominations included best land systems submission, best technology submission, the John Morrocco Award for best in-depth defense reporting and best young defense journalist for Staff Writer Connie Lee.

"I am so proud of these National Defense staffers and of the magazine as a whole," said Hawk Carlisle, president and CEO of NDIA. "I receive many compliments about the solid reporting and objective journalism the magazine offers...

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