We made a difference!(OUT FRONT) (League of Women Voters )

Author:Maxwell, Kay J.

Election Day 2004 may seem like a distant memory in this new year as we gear up for the new Congress and our legislative activities. But let's not forget the amazing work we all did in voter registration, voter education and getting out the vote. The League was at its best during the 2004 election season and I congratulate each and every League member for your hard work. We did, indeed, make a difference!


I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to eight states between September and November to promote the 5 Things voters needed to know on Election Day. In addition, Leagues across the country distributed the 5 Things cards and spread the word to voters, local media and election officials, helping to ensure that we delivered a consistent and vital message nationwide.

We printed almost a million cards and sent them out to our Leagues, other organizations working on getting out the vote and libraries across the country. I visited 20 cities, where I did over 100 interviews on television and radio, and with individual members of the press and editorial boards. The resulting publicity, both for the important voter message and for the League itself, was unparalleled. And, on the day before November 2nd, the 5 Things card was down-loaded from the League's Web site over 40,000 times!

There are several "lessons learned" from this effort that we all should apply as we move forward.

* First, the credibility of the League is high. Under the right circumstances, when the League speaks, the media and the public listen.

* Second, a clear message--with a concrete product--penetrates the...

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