Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (AMEX:MCZ) Toronto, a third party video game enhancement and accessories manufacturer, has launched the SharkBoard from GameShark. The much-anticipated release of the SharkBoard offers gamers a full-size, fully-functional USB keyboard designed to quickly and easily enter the latest codes, game titles and code descriptions for all the newest and hottest PlayStation2 games as well as keyboard support for all PlayStation2 and GameCube online games. The GameShark SharkBoard sell for a suggested retail price of $29.99 U.S.

A complete online gaming solution, the GameShark SharkBoard keyboard simply plugs into the PlayStation2, GameCube or PC and brings gaming to a whole new level. For GameShark users, the GameShark SharkBoard dramatically speeds up the process of code entry allowing for a quick and seamless process. Players can update their current GameShark software with all the latest codes from the company website at .

The GameShark SharkBoard supports all of the hottest online games making online gaming more user friendly. Gamers can communicate instantly without the hassle of navigating through a standard controller.

"This marks another key step in Mad Catz' strategy to broaden the GameShark brand offering," stated Darren Richardson, president and chief operating officer of Mad Catz, Inc. "This market is driven by technology and GameShark continues to be on the forefront of consumer-friendly products. The SharkBoard is another example of our commitment to the consumer as it's the only keyboard available to support game consoles and the PC in...

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