MacLeod, Ken. Newton's Wake; a space opera.

Author:Armstrong, Ginger
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

MacLEOD, Ken. Newton's wake; a space opera. Tor. 339p. c2004. 0-765-34422-X. $7.99. SA

After the Hard Rapture, a cataclysmic war of machine against man, humans are spread across the galaxy. Only three empires are known to exist. The first is America Offline, consisting of a group of farmers who survived the war due to their lack of technology. The second empire consists of the Knights of Enlightenment, who are supporters of computer hacking and advanced technology, and the third empire is made up of the DK, communist "space settlers." Lucinda Carlyle belongs to none of these groups. She is a member of a clan that controls the wormhole skein, also known as Carlyle's Drift, a system of "gates" that provide the means to travel from one part of the galaxy to another in the blink of an eye. When Lucinda is on the distant planet Eurydice, conflicts with the resident humans break out as she discovers what is believed to be an ancient alien artifact. Eurydice's inhabitants, including General Jacques Armand, have never heard of the Carlyles or the wormhole skein. They label Lucinda as a slaveholder due to the...

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