Mackinac policy conference 2007 score card: at the close of last year's Conference, the Chamber promised to follow up with action and report back the year's results. Take a look at our accomplishments 365 days later.

Position:Setting the Tone

AJAC-The Automotive Jobs Action Coalition was a national grassroots initiative, led by the Chamber, to advocate for reasonable increases in fuel economy standards that protected automotive jobs.


* CAFE was a central topic during the federal legislators session at last year's Conference. As a result, AJAC was launched shortly after Mackinac.

* 45 chambers and business association participated representing 100,000 companies and 2.3 million workers nationwide.

* Last December, President Bush signed new fuel economy standards that are reasonable, achievable and protect American jobs.

MBT/State Budget/Service Tax Repeal-

The Chamber worked around the clock and was a lead organization throughout the SBT replacement and budget negotiations. The budget discussions were a prominent part of the Mackinac agenda in 2007 and positioned the Chamber as a leading voice for business in Lansing. We helped led the fight to repeal Service Tax.


WIRED-Workforce Innovation and Regional Economic Development $5 million federal grant.


* Two innovative internship programs launched to help keep talented work-force in the region.

* Engineering internships connects students from the U of M with small business.

* A broader internship program to connect students with area businesses.

Labor/Management - The Chamber helped foster a positive relationship between labor and business community by having two national labor leaders at the 2007 Conference.

* First time in twenty years labor was featured on agenda and first time ever two national labor leaders (Gettelfinger and Hoffa) gave keynote addresses.

* Building a stronger relationship between labor and business is helping the Detroit Region adapt to global competition.

* With Mackinac and the Detroiter, the Chamber has given labor and the business community a platform for keeping the lines of communication open.

Western Hemisphere Travel Initiate (WHTI) - A major policy objective of the business community is to keep the Windsor\Detroit border open and secure for international trade.

* Congress passed legislation delaying passport requirement for crossing the border.

* States given more time to develop enhanced driver's licenses instead of passports. This will help to keep the border open for the billions of dollars of trade and tourism that cross the border each year.

* Earlier this year, the governor signed legislation that allows citizens to use an...

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