Machining centers.

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Machining Centers

This listing is the most up-to-date snapshot of machining centers in the Techspex Machine Tool database located at Techspex is the first place to look when you considering purchasing a new machine tool. The database contains detailed information about the model offerings of machine tool builders, as well as all pertinent contact information. Simply use the convenient number after each builder's entry to go online to search for model by machine parameters, easily create spreadsheets, and generate online requests for quote (RFQs) from AMTDA member companies.

Machining Center, Milling Machine, Drill/Tap, Boring Mill Legend: C=Machining Center, M=Milling Machine, B=Boring Mill, D=Drill/Tap Company Machine Horse Name Type Power ACER C, M 3-15 ACRA C, M, D 2-38 AKIRA-SEIKI C 20-40 ALLIANT M 3-5 ALFING C 48 AMEBA-SEIKI C 20-30 ANAYAK C 29-44 ARES SEIKI C, D 5-7.5 ARGO C, M 5-35 ATRUMP C, M 3-30 AUERBACH C, M 8-34 AUTOMATED MACHINING SYSTEMS C 15-75 AWEA C 10-35 BARER C, M 3-50 BERGONZI C 10-20 BERTSCHE C 30-40 BRETON C 27-54 BRIDGEPORT C 18-25 BROTHER C, D 6-12 CELLCON C 15-30 CHEVALIER C, M 3-30 CHIRON C 5-60 CINCINNATI C, B, M 15-100 CLAUSING C, M 4-10 COLCHESTER C 10-20 COMPUMACHINE C 12-15 DAEWOO MACHINE TOOLS C, B 15-40 DEFUM B 30-67 DIXI C 25-50 DMG--DECKEL MAHO C, M 11-59 DOOSAN C 7-40 DROOP + REIN M, C 27-103 DS AIRCRAFT M, C 27-137 DYNA MECHTRONICS C, M 2-15 EMAG C 20-56 EMCO MAIER C, M up to 15...

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