Aranzi Machine Gun, Volume 3.

AuthorKane, Joey A.
PositionBook review

Work Title: Aranzi Machine Gun, Volume 3

Work Author(s): Aranzi Aronzo; Anne Ishii, translator


80 pages, Softcover $9.95

Graphic Novel

ISBN: 9781932234749

Reviewer: Joey A Kane

Aranzi Machine Gun is an awesome series filled with random stories of dolls gone wild. Kawaii or Japanese Cute, the stuffed animal look, will be familiar to most, although this series is the author's first English translation. Beware: while the cutesy covers make the books appear childish, the twisted humor inside is really appropriate for teen and adult audiences.

The first two books in the series are a little dense, even without a lot of words. But by the third volume, Aranzi Aronzo is truly hitting on all cylinders. The illustrations are outstanding throughout. Themes like the "Bunny Bunny Cute Stuff Expedition" and "Miss Applique" are carried over from book to book, and "Mr. Sprites Voyages" is particularly enjoyable. "The Bad Guy Band" is by far the highlight. Four doll friends---Bad Guy, Liar, Skeleton, and Meanie---get together to start a band. Bad Guy is "over flowing with super badness power." Liar is the greatest liar ever, while Skeleton wears clothes and Meanie is not...

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