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Atlanta, GA 30336

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MacDermid Graphics Solutions is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of photopolymer plates used in flexographic printing. We are the only plate manufacturer with a full lineup of photopolymer sheet and liquid products. Our photopolymer products provide exceptional solutions that deliver high-quality graphics capabilities to all types of package printing applications.


MacDermid Graphics Solutions has an out of the box, flat-top dot solution that satisfies all major packaging markets: LUX In-The-Plate[TM] (ITP). Flat-top dots offer a variety of benefits for label and narrow web printing including, increased impression latitude, print consistency, and faster press start-ups. In addition, with MGS' LUX ITP[TM] technology, you achieve near 1:1 imaging with an optimized dot structure for better wear characteristics. With the bump curve greatly minimized, tonal range is broadened which can give you cleaner vignettes, better highlight definition, and achievability of difficult spot colors. Tag and label printers have traditionally used medium durometer plates, partially driven by the need to wrap a plate around a very small cylinder. Photopolymer printing plates for this market print clean, high-quality graphics tor long periods of time. MacDermid engineered LUX ITP M with these requirements in mind. LUX ITP M features very low tack which makes dust and debris, present in some paper stocks, no longer a factor. The durometer of LUX ITP M is a little firmer than most medium durometer plates so it can be optimized for wide web applications as well, but it retains the high flexibility required for the smaller print cylinders.

Another innovation for label and narrow web printing is MacDermid's Patented Clean Plate Technology, which improves plate cleanliness on press. Patented Clean Plate Technology is featured in our LUX ITP 60, LUX ITP M, and LUX ITP EPIC[R] photopolymer...

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