Lyman Products Marks 140th Anniversary.


Lyman Products is celebrating its 140th birthday this year. William Lyman invented the Lyman Tang Sight in 1878 to correct problems associated with the vernier gun sights of his day, giving birth to the Lyman Gunsight Co.

In 1925, the Lyman family purchased Ideal reloading products, which included the well-known Ideal reloading handbooks. Since then, Lyman handbooks have become known as the "bible" of reloading, and are considered the most trusted source for data. Lyman released its 50th Edition Reloading Handbook in 2016, containing new and modern reloading data to service current and future reloaders.

This year, Lyman is addressing the fast-growing sport of long-range shooting, and the specific reloading challenges it presents, in the new Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook.

In conjunction with its milestone anniversary, Lyman has released a whole new line of reloading presses and reloading kits. This line features a press for every need, from the Ideal C-Frame press for those new to reloading, or as a companion press for experienced reloaders, to the Victory Single Stage Press and the All-American 8, the only eight-stage turret press on the market.

All of these presses are made in...

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