Luring young professionals back home; Louisville gets clever in recruiting talent.

Position:Attract, Retrain and Retain Talent

Detroit is not the only region looking to attract young professionals. In 2003, Greater Louisville Inc.-the chamber of commerce for the Louisville Ky. region, recognized an impending lack of knowledge based workers in its area. The organization took matters into its own hands and decided there would be great potential in marketing to people who had chosen to leave Louisville. The group created "Louisville Reunions," a country-wide "road show" to recruit expatriates back home.

Since 2003, the Reunions have been held in metro areas around the United States that have a high population of former Louisville residents, Reunions have gathered nearly 400 former and potential residents annually and the Chamber has seen great success in connecting attendees with career opportunities in Louisville.

What goes into a Reunion?

Chamber president & CEO, Joe Reagan, leads a pack of business, political and community leaders annually to predetermined location. The Reunion, referred to by some as a "civic pep rally," is a combination of cocktail reception and presentation. During the reception the spirit of the state is rekindled for attendees, complete with...

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