Lupica, Mike. Travel team.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

LUPICA, Mike. Travel team. Penguin, Philomel. 274p. c2004. 0-399-24150-7. $16.99. J

This is Lupica's first YA novel; he is well known for his sports novels for adults and as a sports writer for The New York Daily News. He has four children and has coached youth basketball, so writing about a team of talented basketball players and their struggling season is not a big reach for him. The main character is 12-year-old Danny, small for his age, a smart, fast basketball player who understands the game better than most. He is the child of a successful basketball player (not so successful as a husband and father), whose career was cut short by an accident; Danny's father is staying around this season to coach Danny's team. So the story of basketball games, players' problems and injuries, family tensions, is also about fathers and sons, friendship, and competition.

Fathers who...

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