Lum Library update: how to do a catalog search; The Y.T. and Louise Lee Lum Library is underwritten by the Appraisal Institute Education Trust.


IN THE LAST ISSUE OF VALUATION INSIGHTS & PERSPECTIVES WE RELAYED HOW TO LOCATE THE LUM LIBRARY'S ONLINE CATALOG. In this issue we focus on how best to use it to search the vast resources the Lum Library has to offer.

While the Lum Library online catalog offers many ways to perform a search, the most straightforward way is to first look at the thesaurus terms, then perform a basic keyword search; and then, if needed, narrow from general keyword to title keyword. For those still needing a more specific search, the online catalog offers a power search.

Thesaurus terms

The library has created an appraiser-friendly glossary to facilitate searching the catalog. These terms were developed from the index, chapter titles and subtitles of The Appraisal of Real Estate and entries in The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal. Each cataloged item then receives those terms that best describe the general or broad topics covered in the article or book.

For example, let's do a hypothetical search for "hotels." At the catalog's home page, accessible via, click on the Catalog tab, either at the top or along the left-hand side. The Basic search screen will display. In the grey-blue submenu bar (which automatically defaults to "General Keyword") click to select the "Thesaurus Keyword" option. Type the word "hotel" into the blank box to the right and click "Go" (see Figure 1).


The closest search term will appear, followed by an alphabetical list of all terms in the catalog. To the right, a column displays the number of titles indexed with that term. In the list shown (see Figure 2), there are several "See" and "See also" cross-references. The former indicates that this is an alternative search term for the term used on the row above it, which yielded no results. "See also" are related, broader or narrower terms.

For our example's purposes, click on "Hotels & motels." A bibliography displays in chronological order from most recently published to oldest (see Figure 3). Click on the title to display the bibliographic record for each title (see Figure 4).


After the title of the cataloged entry, the main author and publisher information is listed. Members (who have logged in as such) will also see a row titled "Image" with a link to "Click here to download article." If the title is an article, paper or out-of-print Appraisal Institute monograph, members have the ability to download an...

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