Luiz Meisler: Executive VP Oracle Latin America.

Author:Bevins, Vincent


Trying to summarize a recipe strategy for success in an industry which by its very nature constantly revolutionizes the way we do things is no easy task.

"You have to have a dear, complete strategy at any given time that revolves around the task at hand and engages with the toots available today," says Luiz Meisler, executive vice president at 0fade Latin America, the computer technology company, from his Sao Paulo headquarters. "You adapt this as needed to the era you are in and the space you occupy."

Meisler, now at the head of one of Latin America's most important companies in a competitive growth sector, seems to have benefitted quite well from this approach. After 12 years at the company, he oversees relationships with clients throughout Latin America, as well as innovating new methods for project management.

More broadly, he is involved in the industry's current shift toward cloud-based computing, which he says should yield huge results in terms of data security and computing efficiency, and sooner than many realize.

"Now all of these various technologies and devices, such as smartphones, computers, data centers, the cloud, etc., all are...

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