Luis Acosta Te Lo Digo Cantando.

Author:Varela, Jesse


Te Lo Digo Cantando


Luis Acosta is a gifted South Bay singer who is making a name for himself in Christian music. Part of the " Salsa Sagrada" movement evolving from Puerto Rico, Luis follows this path on his debut album, Te Lo Digo Cantando. Based in San Jose, CA., Luis is a" sonero de primera calidad," who with faith intact delivers an inspired album that is enlightening but not preachy. The grooves and arrangements are exceptional and much credit is due to the talented producer, Willie Ruiz, a master of the salsa dura texture, for creating a swinging musical foundation with a super cast of musicians like Chino Nunez, George Delgado, Maximo Rodriguez, Luis Bonilla and Richie Viruet. Acosta has a mellow contralto voice...

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