Lowry, Brigid. Guitar Highway Rose.

Author:Smith, Debra
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

LOWRY, Brigid. Guitar Highway Rose. St. Martin's, Griffin. 196p. c1997. 0-312-34296-9. $11.95. JS

Rosie is 15, comes from a line of women named for flowers, and yearns for a "juicy life." Asher, the new boy at school, has dreadlocks, recently divorced parents, and a penchant for unconventional clothes. Asher and Rosie get together while working on a project where they explore the poetry of Jim Morrison. Then, just as Asher begins to adjust, he is accused of stealing a teacher's wallet; he responds by telling Rosie that he is going to leave, and she decides to go with him.

Told through the voices of various characters, Lowry expresses the dreams, uncertainties, and emotions of Rosie, Asher, their parents, teachers and friends. While the language and landscape of Australia may seem exotic to young American teens, Rosie and Asher's feelings about their families and school will be familiar terrain. Lowry also balances the romanticized aspects...

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