Loved the whole issue.

Author:Kenneke, Joan
Position:WE HEAR YOU - Letter to the editor

One more time, your magazine gave us hope. I read your September issue cover to cover, but started with Jim Hightower's "Still Feelin the Bern." Next I read the Editors Note and the comment by Ruth Conniff on the TPR The "No Comment" page always has our jaws dropping. The next article we so enjoyed was "Nuns Take a Road Trip." We are big fans of Sister Simone Campbell. We met her, personally, and people like her give us hope for the future.

Your convention coverage was the only thing I paid attention to throughout this whole mess. The article, "Why Louisiana Loves Fracking," by Arlie Hochschild, brought tears to my eyes. To think that people have to choose between a good paycheck and ruining their...

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