Mendoza, Louis & Shankar, S., eds. Crossing into America: The New Literature of Immigration.

Author:Hart, Ann
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

MENDOZA, Louis & SHANKAR, S., eds. Crossing into America; the new literature of immigration. The New Press. 365p. bibliog. c2003. 1-56584-895-0. $18.95. SA

A collection fulfilling exactly what its editors set out to do, this work supplies the reader with a representation of the literature arising from the mix of American immigrants since the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act. The carefully chosen, admittedly not comprehensive, work from this body of literature is divided into Part I: Crossing; Part II: Into America; and Part III: Debates and Contexts. The first two parts provide complete or excerpted works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry from such authors as Teresa Acosta, Julia Alvarez, Frank Chin, Andrei Codrescu, Jamaica Kincaid, Frank McCourt, Richard Rodriguez and many more. The third part is a brief overview of the history of immigration to the US and its interaction with policy making, some op-ed pieces, a roundtable discussion and a few essays on the subject.

This book could supplement any social studies curriculum that involves "the new" immigration from the viewpoint of historical or social perspectives, social and cultural differences, or US public policy toward...

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