Lots of talk, but mostly chats about sales. The conference side takes over at MIP-TV.

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Trump, drama, children's television, documentaries, virtual reality and a new drama festival were the topics that dominated the recently concluded MIP-TV (April 3-6). But it was all mostly talk, since on the market floor many distributors reported little action. However, the event did get going early with a very busy Sunday, the day before the market's official start, in order to compensate for a shorter event (years ago MIP used to run for five days, now it's just four).

Children's television got its time in the spotlight judging by the sheer number of exhibiting companies that offered kids programming: A total of 844 participating companies with children's and teens' programs were in attendance. Of these companies, 700 offered animation, while the exhibitors with children's fare numbered 395.

However, Mondo TV's Matteo Corradi and Rainbow's Cristiana Buzzelli lamented the problem of Bologna Book Fair taking place concurrently with MIP-TV.

As far as trends in children's TV, Corradi said, "The age group is getting lower for animation. If this trend continues, in the next few years we may see a higher fragmentation of the market based on age groups: animation for school or pre-school children, live action for teenagers," he concluded.

Italy, in particular, is keen on kids' television. In addition to the aforementioned Bologna Book Fair, on Thursday some children's television executives were bused from Cannes to Turin for the 21st edition of Cartoons on the Bay, which ran until April 8.

The future was clearly on display at this MIPTV: a total of 13 seminars and conferences about Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

In this regard, U.S. media consultant and MIPTV veteran Mark W. Cutten, commented: "Come on, we know it is wonderful to imagine the 'future' through panel discussions, but we all also realize from years of experience that those crystal ball guesses have no bearing on license and panelists typically asked to make the predictions rarely have actual P/L acquisition experience."

At this MIP, drama was not only on the Palais' screens but also in Cannes' corridors of power. As reported in VideoAge Daily, the dates for the first International Cannes Festival of Series were announced for April 9-12, to be held at the Palais during MIP-TV 2018. This will pit Cannes against Series Mania, a similar event sponsored by the city of Paris, and possibly by the current Minister of Culture.

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