A Losing Battle.

Author:Hallberg, Whitney
Position:Eating the Shadow: A Memoir of Loss and Recovery - Brief article - Book review

Work Title: A Losing Battle

Work Author(s): Whitney Hallberg


Byline: Whitney Hallberg

For some, the compulsion to eat cannot be overcome by a doctor's orders or their own willpower. In Eating the Shadow: A Memoir of Loss and Recovery (Fenn Books, 0-9773951-0-3), C.L. Watson describes her brother's lifelong issues with obesity, and her struggle to help him lose the weight after he topped 400 pounds and could no longer bathe himself or walk more than a few steps.

In this heartbreakingly honest and beautifully written memoir, the author, who holds master's degrees in English and poetry, recounts Carter Watson's experiences with failed diets, Overeater's Anonymous, and a food rehabilitation clinic. As his health deteriorates when he reaches middle-age, Watson realizes that her brother has...

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