Looking for Jiro and Gentleman's Gaman.

Author:Takemoto, Tina
Position:Tina Takemoto - Brief article

Tina Takemoto's Looking For Jiro and Gentleman's Gaman offer a queer meditation on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. At age 38, Jiro Onuma was imprisoned at Topaz concentration camp in Central Utah. He worked in the prison mess hall and liked muscular men. Jiro Onuma was also an avid fan of homoerotic male physique magazines. How did this dandyish gay Issei bachelor from San Francisco survive the isolation, humiliation, and homophobia of imprisonment? Looking For Jiro is a queer experimental performance video featuring an ABBA/Madonna musical mash-up, drag king performance, U.S. propaganda footage, muscle building, and homoerotic bread making. Gentleman's Gaman reengages the craft practices established during incarceration and infuses them with a queer sensibility.


This work explores the hidden dimensions of queer sexuality for Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II. The absence of queer historical accounts of the Japanese American Incarceration Camps is partially related to the atypical...

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