Member looking out for each other: the Chamber's Ambassador Committee seeks to help new members find their niche.

Author:Judeh, Jumana
Position::Member Outreach

Tangible results is the bottom line to the membership in the Detroit Regional Chamber. Simply defined: building relationships with potential clients with the assistance of a dedicated sales person.

That is what the Ambassador's Committee is all about. An Ambassador, who is the dedicated sales person to the member, is always available to greet the new member at various Detroit Regional Chamber events and make appropriate introductions, open doors, direct that spot light on the member and assist the member in better capitalizing on the benefits of the Chamber.

I remember my first Chamber event. I walked in and was totally intimidated by the energy in the room. Everyone was busy talking, laughing and meeting people. I walked in and found a corner hoping that someone would speak to me. I managed to meet a couple of people on my own, but I walked away determined to become part of that energy and to use that energy to grow my business.

I did not have anyone who could help me help myself. No one to greet me at the door and introduce me around to people. I had no opportunity to meet a member that had similar concerns as I did that 1 could bond with and talk about the future of southeast Michigan.

Those were the old days. Now, the Detroit Regional Chamber has the Ambassador's Committee which includes a group of wonderful dedicated individuals who are determined to assist new members in better capitalizing on the benefit of the Chamber, such as networking. I was honored to be chosen Chair of...

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