Looking ahead to 2014.

Author:Hollein, Marie N.
Position:FROM THE PRESIDENT - Economic conditions

2013 has been a hectic year for our members.

Though much has been done over the past year, much remains incomplete. A year after the re-election of President Barack Obarna, there is still uncertainty surrounding impending rules, regulations and implementation of many laws.

We've just survived a government shutdown, we don't know the full implications of the Affordable Care Act and we've seen no real progress toward tax and other reforms to help strengthen U.S.-based businesses and help lessen the U.S. debt and deficit dilemmas.

It is our wish that those in Washington and in I he states will work together in the best interests of all to improve our economy, create the jobs we need and take steps toward meaningful tax reform to fix our broken system. In this environment, these are critical issues.

During turbulent limes, hands-on knowledge of the business environment is more important for all of you in your roles as senior-level financial executives.

Thai's why FEI's 32nd annual Current Financial Reporting Issues Conference held last month has become a must-attend event for financial executives to hear directly from--and have the opportunity to connect with--leaders in the regulatory and business communities.

Those of you who have previously attended this annual conference know that this is the right place for gaining the information on the major issues that come before I he regulators and standard setters. These issues help shape the future of financial reporting--and thus, your work.

We were extremely pleased this year to welcome the newly-installed chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, Russell Golden, as well as the chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, Hans...

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