A look at the board world and a kid who tells it like it is.

Author:Rafael, Go

This is a special edition.

Well, all Latino Leaders issues are special in one way or another. But this one is even more so.

For this issue we have Mr. Pablo Schneider, a sage of the corporate and board world like few writers out there. Mr. Schneider, who is our guest editor for this edition, has covered these areas for decades and knows the Latino corporate area perhaps better than anyone.

We are proud to have him with us.

So why is covering the corporate and board beat so important? Ah, good question.

There, within the boards of America's corporations lie tucked in the dreams and aspirations of countless who hope to advance in their careers.

As Mr. Schneider points out, it is here that the next wave of civil rights for minorities will be fought. Civil rights in popular culture are a noble cause, but let's face it, for most people, if you want to get to the next level in life, it often comes via their careers.

It is not enough that Latinos find good mentors. That's great.

But without no one looking out for them, a supervisor to guide them, someone from up the corporate ladder who recognizes their talent and passion, they will, at best remain where they are at.

There lies the problem. As many human resources directors insist, someone needs to go beyond mentoring. In corporate lingo, it's called "sponsoring."

That is just one of the areas where new board members can do a lot of good. They not only have to make sure that good Latino employees are mentored, but insist that people on top take the risk...

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