Longtime commissioner of namibian correctional services Celebrates retirement.

Author:Hill, Garyor

After thanking several political leaders and colleagues. Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) Commissioner-General Evaristus Shikongo began his official retirement speech by saying, "It has been said that public service is one of the highest callings on the face of the earth, and I have had the privilege and honor of being able to live out this calling for most of my life--and especially for the past 18 years in my role as commissioner-general of NCS."

"It is indeed an honor having received the great responsibility of being able to contribute to the Namibian nation in a special way that is focused on ensuring the security of the Namibian society at large, and providing the best possible services to offenders," he said. "During this period together, [the agency succeeded] tremendously in terms of corrections reform and modernization initiatives geared toward the realization of the vision of NCS, which is, to be Africa's leader in the provision of correctional services.'"Shikongo also listed some of the agency's accomplishments, which included:

* The introduction of a new policy document and mission statement that supports corrections reform;

* The construction of the Lucius S. Mahoto Correctional Service Training College;

* The introduction and implementation of the Offender Risk Management Correctional Strategy--a modern, evidence-based approach of treating offenders in accordance to their risk and needs;

* The introduction of a correctional management university degree program in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Namibia;

* The enactment of the 2012 Correctional Service Act that aims at concretizing the Offender Risk Management Correctional Strategy and the overall modern correctional approach in Namibia; and

* The introduction of a comprehensive, computerized offender management system.


Located in southwest Africa, bordered by Angola. Botswana and South Africa, Namibia is a nation of more than two million people. The Republic of Namibia gained its independence from South Africa on March 21, 1990, and is governed by an elected president with an appointed council and a bicameral legislature consisting of the National Council and the National Assembly. Evaristus Shikongo was appointed commissioner-general of NCS by the first Namibian president. Sam Shafiishuna Nuyoma, in 1995. The second and current president, Hifikepunye Pohamba, continued that appointment until Shikongo's retirement in February 2014. During his tenure, the...

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