Lonely in the Heart of the W.

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Lonely In The Heart Of The World

Mindi Meltz

Logosophia, LLC

90 Oteen Church Road, Asheville, NC 28805


9780981575742, $29.00, 832 pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: "Lonely In The Heart Of The World" begins with the unseen princess--named Lonely by the wind--of a City whose people have forgotten their bodies, hearts, and souls; as she escapes from her illusory tower to search for the mysterious prince who never showed up. Guided in her journey by wilderness outcasts, gods, and wise animals, she gradually becomes human; discovering her first desire with a tortured dragon god of the desert, and awakening to the cycles of earth and family on a humble mountain farm. At last she soars to spiritual heights with her ghost-prince above the clouds, only to lose him again, falling backward into the painful truth of her own past as the polluted river goddess carries her to the City at the Heart of the World. Long ago, Lonely's own father built the City on top of a mystical swamp, displacing her prince's people and forcing them to transform into shape-shifting dream gods. Now her search for her beloved intertwines with that of the dragon god, a seductive huntress...

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