London, Joan. Gilgamesh, a novel.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

LONDON, Joan. Gilgamesh, a novel. Grove. 256p. c2001. 0-8021-4121-8. $13.00. SA

This is a tale of isolated people who meet, are separated, and struggle to meet again. Set in 1937, two young girls are raised by their widowed mother in rural Australia. When their distant cousin from England and his friend from Armenia arrive unexpectedly, their lives are upset by tales of distant lands. The young men leave and one of the girls finds herself pregnant and feels compelled to find her lover in Armenia. As impossible as this seems, Edith must try; and in the attempt, her life and the life of her son change forever. While some of the...

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