Logility, Inc. helps companies reduce the time required to bring products to market by up to 50 percent. The Logility Voyager Solutions platform accelerates the digital supply chain from product concept to customer delivery by breaking down business silos, and delivering greater visibility and collaboration across multiple departments and global trading partners.

In today's hyper-competitive market where consumers expect fresh new products and unique assortments, processes developed to manage only four to six seasons a year are inefficient, expensive and too slow. For example, many retailers, brand owners and manufacturers still rely on outdated business silos and sequential processes that inhibit collaboration and diminish productivity. Logility is breaking down these barriers to deliver increased visibility across product development, sourcing and compliance through to merchandising, assortment, allocation and replenishment, and digital supply chain optimization. Combining all aspects of business planning onto a single platform allows retailers, brand owners and manufacturers to harness advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate manual processes, drive greater precision, accelerate decision making and reduce risk across omni-channel operations.

With Logility, retailers, brand owners and manufacturers can confidently plan from concept to customer to achieve:

By taking time out of the planning cycle, retailers, brand owners and manufacturers can better automate their routine processes with greater accuracy to allow teams to focus on new and higher value added activities. This leads to reduced out-of-stocks, higher inventory turns, faster production cycles and greater customer satisfaction.

By utilizing more accurate forecasts based on a broad set of data including history, similar products, point-of-sale (POS) and social signals, companies gain the increased flexibility to postpone key decisions such as raw material requirements until closer to actual production reducing overall product investment risk. Now, the right product in the right quantity is available when and where consumers want it helping increase full-price sell through and profitability.

According to the RSR Research report, Supply Chain Management 2018: In Service of the Customer, December 2018 by Brian Kilcourse and Paula Rosenblum, system-wide inventory visibility is seen as providing significant value to the...

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