Logan's storm.

Author:LaMontagne, Phyllis
Position:Brief Article

(Catahoula Bayou trilogy). Random House. 290p. c2002. 0-375-76067-9. $12.95. SA

This entertaining tale of courage and survival in the Louisiana Bayou (a sequel to Meely LaBauve) features Logan LaBauve, a down-on-his-luck local misfit, trying to flee to Mississippi in his canoe. Struggling through a snake and alligator-infested swamp, and the ever-present enemies of hunger and thirst, he and Chilly. his young black companion, have just rescued Logan's son Meely from a band of local thugs. The police are after Chilly, however, because he is black. Logan is scornful of "them law doggies," as he calls them, because of their racial prejudice. He reflects with characteristic humor, "If them ole boys' brains were eggs. you could crack open a dozen of 'era and not get much to scramble."

Logan's adventures include encounters with a number of eccentric bayou characters, including the superstitious Miz DeeDee, the educated thief Professor Burl, and Lester Benoit, the braggart deputy sheriff. It is Annie Ancelet, however, who saves Logan from a band of marauding thieves, and who brings love once again to his grieving heart. The two must first survive Hurricane Belva, a killer storm that barrels up the coast and almost kills them and some local...

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