Living Legends, Veterans and Icons.


Reviewing the active life of pioneers in our biz

Celebrating the lives of veteran executives who are active in our part of the television business was an idea that came from Anita Gershman. (Among the many executives she suggested, she did not mention her husband and business partner Larry.)

Subsequently, an informal survey among many television executives produced the names of the pioneers we're featuring. Indicatively, many of the same pioneers suggested one another!

The project took five months to execute and now reads like the ultimate book on the development of international television.

We formulated our questions after scavenging old press clips, questioning insiders and reviewing various bios. Michael Johnsen, our assistant editor, recorded the telephone interviews (in one case, the discussion lasted over two hours and resulted in a 20-page transcript!). Our writers also flew to Argentina and Los Angeles to fine tune the stories face-to-face with these veterans.

Once the basic article was laid out and edited by Dom Serafini, Johnsen again got in touch with everyone to ask additional questions. At that point, the articles went to staff reporter Bianca Strul, a Columbia University graduate, for proofreading and fact-checking consistency. The idea and execution for the front cover art came from Art Director Tommaso Giannotta, who's also responsible for the...

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