9 Lives: A True Story.

Position:Book review

Andre Bruneau; 9 LIVES: A TRUE STORY; Booksurge Publishing (Autobiography/Memoir) $15.99 ISBN: 1439267413

Author Andre Bruneau has certainly lived an interesting life: he was a high-powered commercial real estate developer a singer and songwriter race horse owner and world traveler. Unfortunately his uneven and unfocused autobiography doesnt live up to its potential. The best writing of the book is featured in the first pages as Bruneau discusses growing up in French Catholic Montreal during the Great Depression and World War II. It is also illuminating to read about the Quebec separatist movement from the perspective of a native French speaker who strode through the financial and business world of the English-speaking elites. Beyond Bruneaus youthful first several lives however it is hard to imagine an audience for the remaining pages which descend into a fitful self-absorbed narrative about changes in careers addresses and romantic partners.

The authors most passionate writing describes his real estate development negotiations and subsequent interludes as a musician (though more ink is given to contract clauses with business partners than his artistic inspirations). The remainder of the book conveys a restlessness for something to replace the drama of his business career and it would seem that Bruneaus love and knowledge of high-stakes negotiation and packaging of real estate deals might make a better business book. Readers of memoirs are interested in the details of unusual lives and the unfolding of personalities but Bruneaus essence is curiously absent. Readers learn...

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